Shi.E.L.D. Services is specialized in all activities related to management, design and operation of the major types of ships (Bulk Carrier, Chemical Tanker, Supply Vessel, Anchor Handling Tug, Gas Carrier), Floating Transfer Stations (FTS) and Floating Cranes.

    • Shipman contract for technical and crew management
    • Supervision during construction
    • Arrangement and supervision of dry-docking and repairs
    • Crew selection and training
    • Ship Assessment
    • BIMCO for T/C and BB contract
    • P&I and H&M inspection and assessment
    • SMS/DOC Certifications
    • Specific training for ship to ship transfer operations


Bulk Carrier
Chemical Tanker
Supply Vessel
Floating Cranes
Anchor Handling Tug
Gas Carrier
Floating Transfer Stations (FTS)