About us

We are a new-established company in the Logistics and Shipping markets of bulk materials, but we have decades of experience and knowledge in the maritime logistics and shipping sectors.

Our team have worked many years for Coeclerici, one of the world’s leading players in the market.

We successfully managed extremely complex logistic projects and handled a full range of dry bulk materials, literally everywhere in the world.

After Coeclerici exited the maritime logistics business the team gathered together under Shi.E.L.D. Services to continue working in the logistics and shipping markets applying the great experience and the valuable know-how acquired over the years.


Our mission is to provide management and consultancy services for the shipping and industry markets and for the on-shore and off-shore logistics of dry bulk materials, including design, construction, maintenance, management and operation of ships and transhippers and cargo handling equipment.
Thanks to our long experience in the logistics industry we commit to provide you with tailor-made solutions and high quality management services to ensure that your assets always comply with all applicable rules and regulations, respect the environment, run in a safe and cost-efficient manner and are maintained so as to preserve their value.
Through our 20-year long expertise, efficiency and reliability we can help you achieve your goals!


Our team is the heart of the company. From the CEO, to the field engineers and to the office personnel all our employees have acquired a huge working experience working for some of the  world’s leading companies in their field of business.

We do our job right and with passion and that’s what makes the difference between simply completing a task and achieving great results that last.

CEO Message

Efficient management plays a fundamental role in the modern logistics industry. The reduction of operating costs and the request for highly qualified and trained personnel have made the professional expertise in management an essential factor, especially in the logistics sector.

ShiELD Services is focused to offer to our clients our capability to design logistic solutions for the commodities sector (on-shore and off-shore) and support our clients during the construction, operation and management stages of their assets.


Our motto is: ‘Make your job with passion and never give up’


Corrado Cuccurullo


ShiELD Services srl